The Australian National Eisteddfod (ANE) is the premier eisteddfod held in Canberra each year and has a rich history of participation in the performing arts. They run a variety of competitions for groups and individuals, with categories including bands and orchestras, choirs, piano, singing and speech and drama. Competitions are open to performers in a range of age groups spanning across primary and high school. There are also open categories for individuals of any age to get on stage and perform.
Poyo was approached by Mary Violet Creative on behalf of their client ANE to develop a refreshed brand identity for the organisation. 
The existing branding had become outdated looking and no longer aligned with the aims of the organisation. The new identity needed to have a more contemporary feel, and appeal to their target audience of school students, teachers, parents and the performing arts community.
Poyo created a dynamic yet simple logomark using the 'E' of Eisteddfod. This was also a key element in the old logo, maintaining a connection to the organisation's rich past whilst moving forward with a more modern style. The shape of the logomark is also inspired by various musical instruments, and the movement of sound itself. The shifting colour gradient further reinforces this concept by creating a sense of rhythm.
The colours also draw inspiration from the previous branding, however they are now more bold and vibrant. In addition to brand identity elements, Poyo also redesigned the ANE website.
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