Poyo was approached by the office of Alicia Payne MP to create a visual identity and collateral for Sullivan's Creek Microforest, on behalf of Molonglo Conservation Group.
Along Sullivans Creek, in Lyneham ACT, Molonglo Conservation Group are planting a micro-forest. A micro-forest is a dense pocket of climate-ready vegetation that cools the landscape, provides habitat and enhances community well-being. The project is intended to be co-designed by the community, with direct involvement from local residents.
The main purpose of the visual identity was to create familiarity with the project among the public, and create a suite of assets to engage with the community. The resulting design has an organic, natural feel enhanced by the hand-drawn style and botanical imagery. It reflects local landscape through the inclusion of the creek and gum tree. And importantly, has a contemporary, warm, welcoming feel. In addition to the local, a digital illustration was created, to use as part of the visual identity.
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